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The Iberoamerican literacy Congress will be held in Cuba next June
Speaking with reporters, Marchesi praised the Cuban experience with the literacy program "Yo si puedo" (Yes, I Can), which has been successfully used in several countries, and said that the event in June will be an opportunity to discuss the results of this initiative and to analyze the possibility of extending it to other nations.

"We have to think of what has been done, particularly by Cuba, and we have to find ways to eliminate the scourge of illiteracy from the region," said the high-ranking official of the OIS, which co-sponsors the 2nd International Conference for World Balance that began on Monday in Havana.

Marchesi explained that there are currently more than 34 million people who can not read and write in Latin America and the Caribbean.

After acknowledging the efforts made by Cuba in the field of education, he also announced that the OIS, in coordination with Cuba, will turn the Museum of the Literacy Campaign, in the Havana municipality of Marianao, into a museum institution of literacy in Iberoamerica.

Also on Monday, Marchesi and Armando Hart Davalos, director of the Office of the Marti Program, signed a cooperation agreement to promote the edition of books by and about Cuban National Hero Jose Marti.


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