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 In Havana for Casa de Las Americas Awards Bolivian the Poet Jorge Monsilla
Bolivian poet and political researcher Jorge Monsilla is in Havana as a juror for the 2008 Casa de Las Americas Literary competition.

The Bolivian poet is taking part in the high-profile literary event, though he has been to Havana many times before - but as a political exile, reported Prensa Latina.

"After President Evo Morales appointed me Bolivian ambassador to Mexico, it is a real honor to come back to the greatest land for any revolutionary," commented Monsilla.

"Little I can say about my poetry; I'd rather prefer that you read it and analyze it," concluded the poet, who worked for 20 years for Mexico's Excelsior newspaper.

The Casa de Las Americas competition was formally opened in Havana last Janauary 21st by the jury chair, Chilean poet Gonzalo Rojas. Afterwards, the jury traveled to the central province of Cienfuegos where they will be reading all of the works.

There are five genres in competition: poetry (with 216 entries) and short stories (144 entries), followed by essays on historical and social topics (59 entries), Brazilian literature (34) and Caribbean literature in French and Creole (13 entries).

In addition to those awards, three other the honorary prizes will be bestowed: the Jose María Arguedas award for narrative writing, the Ezequiel Martinez Estrada prize for essays, and the Jose Lezama Lima honor for poetry.


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