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The Mexican artist José Luis Cuevas, which opens a door to his original and disturbing pictorial universe in Cuba.
The showcase in the Latin American Gallery at Casa de las Américas, will be part of the parallel program to the Literary Award of that institution -founded by Haydée Santamaría in 1959 - and it will include paintings, sculptures, engravings and drawings.

Sources from Casa de las Américas consider this exhibiton as a relevant artistic event. Cuevas is one of the most original and polemic personalities of the culture and the visual arts of his country, with a work deeply characterized by literature, continuous investigation and erotism.

This self-taught artist was originally expresionist due to the influence of Orozco. The critics currently define him as a neofigurativist, although he is beyond classifications or labels, according to Prensa Latina.

In 2004 he travelled to Cuba and donated to Casa de las Américas five engravings on wood fiber. Then he spoke about a future exhibition of his work in Havana. Cuevasworld will be in Cuba for two monthts.


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