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Tourist Resort of Cayo Largo Ready for High Season
A group of tour-operators and representatives of Cuban tourist groups, were able to see for themselves, in situ, that the main tourist resort of the Isle of Youth Special Municipality, Cayo Largo, is ready for a successful high season.

The beginning of this year's high season was officially marked on Tuesday with the arrival at the 'Vilo Acuña' International Airport of the first group of tourists from the Italian club Ventaglio aboard an aircraft of Livingston Airlines.

This 2007-2008 season will also see the arrival in Cayo Largo of tourists from the Italian tour-operator Eden Viaggi, which - like Ventaglio - travels for the first time to this destination.

The beginning of the high season in Cayo Largo included a concert by the popular band Warapo, a promotion by the Havana Club rum brand, a competition of barmen, a nautical festival and a fireworks festival.

The president of the Cuban hotel group Gran Caribe, Luis Miguel Diaz Sanchez, noted that the arrival of the Italian tour-operator Ventaglio will certainly mean an improvement for the Isle of Youth's tourist industry.

Cayo Largo has an extension of 37 square kilometers and it is 177 kilometers south of Havana and Varadero.

Cuba's main tourist markets are Canada, the United Kingdom, Italy, France, Spain, Germany, Argentina and Mexico.


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