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The demand to the current US administration to end the hostile policy towards Cuba is having the support of influential leaders of the US cultural industry.

Last November it was know that a number of US artists and intellectuals were signing a setter to US president George W. Bush where they demand the immediately stop of the blockade and the authorization of free exchanges with the island in the cultural field. Yesterday this letter was signed by 1,500 people.

Among this signatures can be find the one of Robert Kraft, president of Fox Music and an important personality of the musical industry, who is opposed to every tendentious manipulation that prevent the cultural dialogue between the nations.

The prestigious Kraft not only has a bright career in the musical production, with which he is in a good share responsible for the record success of Linda Ronstadt, Bette Midler, Ozzy Osbourne, George Benson y Johnny Mathis and for the success of his company, that has won since 1994, 4 Oscars, 4 Golden Globes, 11 Grammys and 17 Emmy's. He also took part in the soundtrack of Jim Henson movies (creator of Muppet Show) and in other popular movies such as The Mermaid and Ally McBeal.

"The intrinsic value of an artistic dialogue with the Cuban friends - expressed Kraft to the promoters of the initiative - can not be underestimated. The intellectual, artistic and musical influence that the Cuban culture has had in the US creativity is very deep and must be supported".

Another famous Hollywood executive who also signed the setter to eliminate the policy that prevent the own US citizens of an enriched contact with the Cuban culture is Andy Spahn.

In his country cinematographic world, Spahn is known for his work as an adviser of Dream Work, whose main leader is the famous filmmaker Steven Spielberg who considers him "one of the most brilliant and working minds I have worked with".

Festival organizers, such as Bruce Labadie from the San José Jazz Festival and notable Latin Music promoters such as Jacira Castro (Salsa Power), Chuy Varela and David Wasserman (Latin Cool Records) also gave their vote to normalise the relationships with Cuba.

This movement in the heart of the US artistic and intellectual community took a new impulse from the letter Alicia Alonso sent to her US colleagues last October, to ask for actions to help the end of the blockade and to boost a fluid cultural relationship between the two peoples.


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