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Rehabilitation Services for a Better Life's Quality in Las Tunas
The services of integral rehabilitation in this eastern province of Las Tunas consolidated their work during the 2007, with the assistance to more than 385, 200 patients, as part of the work that is developed in Cuba to improve the quality and the hope of the population's life.

More than thirty techniques of the Folk Medicine and services such as Physiotherapy, Occupational Therapy, Nutrition and Dietary, and Psychology, among others, are offered in these health centers of the eight municipalities of Las Tunas.

Yesel Estupiñán Cordoví, Coordinator of the Program of Rehabilitation in las Tunas, asserted that the work of these institutions of health is supported in the rural areas by the TV Rooms, facilities that have offered services to more than 40, 700 people during the whole year.

Handicapped people, patients with arthritis, bursitis, cardio-respiratory, and brain-vascular affections that damage the neuro development of children and adults, figures among the sufferings of people that go to these centers.

This program of the Revolution that has in Las Tunas more than a dozen of rooms with big social importance in the system of primary cares of health, specifically the care of people third age, began in this terrritory since 2005.

Psychologists, orthopedists, technologists and other specialists qualified in the Folk Medicine are included in the personnel that work in these facilities of Health.

The first rehabilitation room in Cuba was inaugurated in 1964 in Santiago de Cuba. After the triumph of the Revolution this program was developed until having a chain in all the provinces that it is improved with new community services and the formation of a qualified personnel in each service.


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