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Huge Collection of Fidel Castro Photos on Exhibit at Venezuelas National Library
At the top of Turquino Peak or on the beach of the Bay of Pigs; on the streets of New York or immersed in a sugar cane plantation; with US writer Ernest Hemingway or with Pope John Paul II; some 100 images of Commander in Chief Fidel Castro are now on exhibit at Venezuelas National Library in Caracas. The exhibition was inaugurated November 8 and runs through December 8.

Carefully prepared by Cubas Library of Photography in celebration of Cuban President Fidel Castros 80th birthday, the exhibit consists of a collection of emblematic images by over a dozen photographers, through which visitors gain insight into the life and times of the leader of the Cuban Revolution from 1959 to 2003.

Entitled Momentos, the exhibition includes works by outstanding artists, such as Osvaldo Salas, Alberto Korda, Luis Pierce, Raul Corrales, Roberto Salas, Jose Agraz, Mario Collado, Jose Tabio, Paco Altuna, Ernesto Fernandez and Liborio Noval, as well as others from the Diario de Cuba, which used to be published in the eastern province of Santiago de Cuba.

The exhibitions photographs, from several different Cuban publications, and personal and public collections, are a priceless piece of history and bear the aesthetic sensibilities of their photographers, many of them overcoming a lack in technology with humanism and sensitivity.

The idea of the exhibition came as a result of the increasing cultural exchanges between Venezuela and Cuba, within the framework of the Bolivarian Alternative for the Americas (ALBA).

Venezuelan Culture Minister Francisco Sesto, who attended the inaugural ceremony, called the exhibition "extraordinary," and said that the close cultural links enjoyed between the two countries wouldnt have been possible without the meeting of Fidel Castro and Hugo Chavez ""two Latin American giants."

Source: Granma

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