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Freixenet still betting on Cuba
The Spanish wine company Freixenet and the importer Juanito Mateo S.L. are still betting on Cuban tourism after 23 fruitful years doing business in the Caribbean island.

Juanita Mateo herself and Freixenet's representative for Central America and the Caribbean, Luis Ortega Mateo, expressed satisfaction with their achievements on the Cuban market.

The two companies sell 140 products in Cuba, including high-quality Freixenet wines.

Juanita Mateo S.L. also imports cosmetics and toilet products that are renewed every year depending on the market's demand.

Among the new products on display in the firms' stand at the Wine Festival held at the Hotel Nacional de Cuba (October 3-5) are non-alcoholic products and whiskey Lavel 5.

Those products are highly demanded in Cuba's gastronomic and tourist sectors, although they are also sold in Central America, the Dominican Republic, Jamaica and Haiti.

Juanita Mateo said that she was satisfied with the work and the professional capacity of the Cubans who have contributed to the development of tourism and the rapid acquisition of knowledge to commercialize her firm's products.

Source: Prensa Latina

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