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Chinese High-Ranking Official Visits Cuban Medical Brigade in Chengdu
Jia, president of the Political Consultative Conference of the Chinese People, which is the main advisory body of the Chinese State, visited the Cuban brigade that is working in Hospital No. 1, the largest in the province of 90 million inhabitants and also considered one of the 30 best in the country.

According to Prensa Latina news agency, in a conversation with the directors of the groups of 35 doctors and paramedics, Jia reiterated China’s gratitude to Fidel and Raul Castro for their support.

Dr. Jose Rodriguez Carvajal, head of the medical brigade, said that it was an honor for them to contribute to the recovery of the Chinese people and to work with their Chinese counterparts.

He also reiterated their willingness to remain in Chengdu as long as necessary and to work anywhere and under any conditions to help the people of that region.

After their arrival on May 23rd, the Cuban brigade has already treated 638 patients.

The most common cases are related to the area of orthopedics and trauma-related problems.


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