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Plastic art
The young painter from Bauta, Denys San Jorge Rodríguez was selected to participate in the international exhibition ARSLATINA in Antichi Forni, Macerata, Italy, with a piece from the series Hijo de papá (Son of Dad) (a mixed-metal technique, in which he uses holography, dry end and silk screen, engraving techniques...). To this contest came more than 60 artists from plastic arts from all over Latin America, invited by Alfonso Caputo, director of the Italian organization Terra dell Arte, and the Mexican artist Laura Castanedo.

In a recent summary published in El Habanero Digital, by Zurisaday Viera Muñoz about the series Hijo de papá, the author of the critique points out that this sample "is an exercise for the memory proposed by the creator, starting from his work as an agent from within plastic arts... That is why there appear the familiar images and the washing machines that one of them (the father) used to repair and now the other (Denys) assumes as an artistic objects and as an amulet of memory."

Thanks to this result, San Jorge has been invited to participate during this year in the Contemporary Art Biennale in Arad, Rumania, and in the next edition of ARSLATINA, which is going to take place in Mexico during the next few months. He was also selected to integrate the DIN A-4 project, from the Dutch artist Pi Backus, which was already exhibited in San Alejandro, continued through Sydney, Australia and is now traveling through the entire world.

Denys San Jorge graduated from the San Alejandro Academy with the specialty of engraving, where he is still performing as a professor from this creative modality, and is collaborating as a specialist at the FORDES gallery from the Ministry of Communication and Informatics. He has carried out many personal and joint exhibitions, and some of his work are to be found in Canada, Spain, Mexico, Austria, the United States, Holland and Italy and he collaborates frequently with the cultural page from the newspaper el habanero, the supplement Tertulia and the magazine Habáname, from the Centro Provincial del Libro (Provincial Book Center) and literature in Havana.

The painter donates his work.

Three plastic work from the painter Denys San Jorge, made specifically from the author for that, were donated to the three children, who representing the Caimito municipality, obtained Mentions at the Provincial Encounter of Children Writters.

We are talking about the young Jorge Félix Martínez Labrada, who is still studying the fifth grade at the primary school Juan de Dios Fraga, and who was awarded in poetry thanks to El sueño (The dream), while the students from the ninth grade Gabriela Darias Valdés and Hadia Luis Zaldívar, from the secondary school Carlos Gutiérrez Menoyo, received a First Mention and Mention with the short-story Cerebro de gato (Cat Brain) and the poem El grano (The grain), respectively.

Each of the three pieces from the artist from Bauta resumes the essence of the pieces distinguished in this important Provincial Encounter of young art talents.

In a few words, the writer and journalist Miguel Terry Valdespino highlighted the talent and unselfishness of this creator from Bauta, who is always ready to collaborate with any artistic project and highlighted the participation of the people from Caimito in the Provincial Encounter, where dozens of children from all of the nineteen municipalities made clear the great literary pool which is being formed in Havana.

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