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  • 05 / 29 / 2007


Even when the water levels of the rivers that overflowed Friday the city of Camaguey go down, the measures of evacuation and protection dictated by the Provincial Civil Defense still stand, because of two reasons the saturation of the soil and the prevalence of rains.

The President of Defense Council in Camagüey Julio Cesar Garcia said that from the moment when the waters began to rise because of the sudden and heavy rains during the early morning hours, the actions taken were decisive.

Garcia recognized the efforts of those who participated, particularly, the members of the Command of Safety and Rescue, belonging to the Ministry of the Interior (MININT) that helped several groups of people facing very troublesome situations.

He also praised the solidarity of the city dwellers, who aided others to safeguard their lives and belongings. The also First Secretary of the Communist Party in Camagüey noted that there was an effective response to the situation, but considered important to explain that there is a real threat of constant rains, which might continue in the following days as meteorological experts foresee.

Garcia explained that for such a reason the Provincial Defense Council will be on alert together with the Revolutionary Armed Forces (FAR), the MININT, the Municipal and the District Councils, in order to find a solution to any eventuality.

The territorial political leader stated that the measures taken pursuit to avoid any lost of human lives and of economic resources, and added that the evacuations in the affected zones will continue till the whether returns to normal.

Source: By Ileana Borges Diaz, Radio Cadena Agramonte


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