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City farmer
By Yamisleidis Montoya Pupo

The Committees for the Defense of the Revolution, which is Cuba's largest grassroots organization, has set the goal of developing 6,000 small vegetable gardens in the eastern Cuban province of Las Tunas next year, in an effort to contribute to a better nutrition of the people.

This initiative is part of a nationwide program known on the island as Urban Agriculture. It is aimed at expanding food production to cities and towns, and thus provides the residents in those areas with vegetables that are important for their high content of dietary fiber, which is essential for a good gastrointestinal functioning, as well as vitamin-rich and antioxidant substances.

So far thousands of families in the province's eight municipalities have joined in this agriculture modality.

In 2002, Las Tunas implemented for the first time the creation of small family plots for the production of condiments and green vegetables in urban areas.

As part of the urban agriculture program, Cuba currently has more than 3,800 organic plots, some 961 intensive gardens, 100,000 small family plots, and 139, 960 larger fields dedicated to the production of vegetables.

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