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The 6th anniversary of a Cuba-Venezuela agreement which provides integral healthcare for patients in that South American nation has been marked by Cuban authorities.

Pedro Francisco Llerena, Director of Havana's La Pradera International Health Center, the coordinating institution of that program, recalled that the first plane bringing Venezuelan patients arrived in Cuba on November 30, 2000.

As many as 14,000 Venezuelans have received medical attention in Cuba so far, at 55 institutions in five provinces. Of that figure, 5,245 have undergone surgeries, he stated.

In 2004, the governments of Cuba and Venezuela organized Operation Miracle, a program through which six million low-income patients from the Third World will have their vision recovered, free of charge.

About 290,000 Venezuelans and nearly 100,000 Cubans have been operated so far, reports Prensa Latina news agency.
Source: ACN

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