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Scientists from the westernmost Cuban province of Pinar del Rio are working to demonstrate orchid effects in human rejuvenation, an attractive feature in the Soroa garden, specialized in this plant.

According to Doctor Alejandrina Pena, in charge of this study, the orchideological universe of the island, with some 330 species registered, is a vastness to explore, even when we are extracting from them about 30 essences for diverse medical treatments.

These plants, important for their curious modified petal, balance of energy the secretion glands from sexual hormones and this marks the course of new investigations, the expert stated.

Many experiences on rejuvenation with orchids are still in phase of validation, she noted, while the country is selling creams and tinctures with other properties in the floral drug located in the building of the Cuban Institute of Radio and Television, in the country's capital.

The Soroa garden, the largest one of this kind in Cuba, is the lab venue of the research, aimed to national endemic species, as well as those natives from other parts of the world, for example, the Amazonian region, where its healthy use is traditional.

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