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By: Margarita Barrio

The Jose A. Echevarria Polytechnic Institute of High Education (CUJAE in Spanish) was the academic center with the most projects proposed to the National Forum of Science and Technology in 2006. The center was recognized as outstanding in the municipal and provincial competitions of the forum owing to the important economic and social impact of that institution output in 2006.

CUJAE won one national prize for technological innovation, 65 prizes in both the municipal and the provincial competitions of the forum, as well as eight international prizes.

Gustavo Cobreiro, president of CUJAE, stressed that the scientific work at the institution is growing in terms of its relevance and social impact, which is also a recognition of the talent and creativeness of its teachers and students.

Among the most socially significant research studies noted by the Scientific Council was one dealing with appropriate housing for Havana, while the research with the greatest impact on the social sciences was considered to be a study on the teaching of Cuban Spanish.

The work of with the most influence on tourism was a study on hygiene and sanitary quality, while the investigation selected as having the highest impact on environment protection was a draft of acoustic regulations for buildings.

At the evaluation 2006 meeting, it was highlighted that the most outstanding work by groups of students doing research at that moment were those in electrical systems and educational computer science.

In the internacional arena, CUJAE won the award for color photo techniques, which was given to Libertad Rodriguez for her picture of the Catedra Gonzalo de Cardenas at the International Day of Vernacular Architecture.

Source: Juventud Rebelde


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