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The program dedicated to the rehabilitation in Sancti Spíritus' mountainous areas benefitted last year to about 7 700 suffered patients of different ailments.

These services of health toasts in 16 of the 22 television rooms that alternate their functions in the province, besides being centers culture promoters and information, they are also important areas to the service of the health.

This variant of medical attention enlarges the community work and Preposition the physical rehabilitation to the places of these people's residence; therefore they don't have to appeal to the gyms and areas of the municipal said, José Alberto Luna, director of the Hospital of Rehabilitation Faustino Pérez.

In these television rooms are not chronic illnesses transferable, cases of obesity, arterial hypertension, dysfunctions of the Sistema Osteomioarticular, affordable cardiovascular and bronchial illnesses of trying according to the specialists' indications.

The specialist adds that the illnesses of the system osteomioarticular constitute one of the most frequent causes in disability, therefore the treatment to continue in each one of the cases is vital so that these patients recover their capacities and enjoy a full life.

This novel experience has allowed the application of 14 300 techniques to patients that have not required only of rehabilitation sessions, but also actions of promotion of health like dietary and nutritional orientations.

Around 2 300 inhabitants of the most intricate, included areas the mountainous regions of the Escambray, to the west, and Bamburanao, to the north, benefit with these medical services, fruits of an unpublished project in the world for their human and social reach.

The electric power arrives at these television rooms by means of solar panels, designed to convert the solar energy in electric. This way the necessary teams for the medical attention and for the healthy recreation they work without setbacks.

Source: Radio SanctiSpiritus

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