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A team of surgeons in eastern Las Tunas province has performed the successful operation on a spinal tumor of an 11-year-old boy. The tumor had been located on end portion of the child's spinal chord. This is a first time this kind of surgery has been carried out in this territory.

The patient, Carlos Alberto Labrada-Gonzalez, 11, had previously undergone diverse diagnostic studies in different medical institutions including nuclear magnetic resonance test to accurately diagnose the disease, according to Dr. Lester Martinez, a neurosurgeon that followed the case and took part in the operation.

During the operation the doctors removed a five-centimeter tumor from the patient's spine, in an area usually referred to by specialists as the "horse's tail".

For two year, Carlos Alberto had been suffering from backache and had difficulties in walking. Twenty-four hours after the operation he was already without pain.


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