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The announcement of Pablo Milanes playing a role in the movie Siempre Habana, which will open tomorrow Friday in theatres across Spain, has become the hook of the advertising campaign for the Angel Pelaez film. The movie is a comedy which deals with the emotional ties between Cuban and Spanish families.

Pelaez is well known for his documentary series El 98 that looks at the last Spanish colony in America to fall, the Cuban war of independence and its failure in front of US intervention. For Siempre Habana, he called on Cuban playwright Hector Quintero to work on a script peppered with winks of understanding between the two complementing cultures.

Pablo portrays himself in the film and sings the theme song. The soundtrack also features a song by the Galician group Milladoiro in which they dare to fuse muneira "a popular rhythm and dance from Galicia and Asturias" and rumba.

The films publicity, however, inaccurately states that this is the first time Pablo Milanes has appeared in a movie. In fact, the beloved Cuban singer-songwriter made his big screen début 37 years ago in Cuban director Manuel Octavio Gomez La Primera Carga al Machete; a very original look at the beginning of the Cuban war of independence. In the film Milanes plays a troubadour who narrates the story through songs composed especially for the film.

Source: Granma

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