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Book Cuban Fair

The half a million readers who have so far flocked to the 16th International Havana Book Fair have set record purchases of one million books, three days before the fair moves to other cities.

With 39 cities to visit, the Fair -with Argentina as guest country- has also been an irresistible magnet for foreign visitors, who marvel at the massive attendance.

Mexican journalist and writer Elena Poniatowska was amazed to see children choosing their own titles without parental imposition, and said she has rarely enjoyed such contagious frenzy.

This 2007 edition offers 8.5 million books, until its March 11 closing in Santiago de Cuba, with a wide range of titles published by 500 national and foreign publishing houses.

The organizing committee reports "100 Hours with Fidel," by Ignacio Ramonet, is the best seller, followed by "Tinisima," by Poniatowska.

Source: CubaSi

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