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The historic significance of the second edition of book "One Hundred Hours with Fidel" by Ignacio Ramonet, revised, corrected and improved by the interviewer, was appreciated by Cuban academics.

The analysis of the book, termed an exceptional value for the world revolutionary movement, took place at the Havana Conference Center attended by Ignacio Ramonet and Pedro Alvarez Tabio, as well as artists, researchers and students, among others.

Tabio, director of the Council of State's Office of Historic Affairs, said the revision was to formally polish up the text, clarify some areas, and enhance and complete some passages of the book.

Ramonet said the book was a two-handed autobiography on ideas and life of the Cuban Revolution leader.

Culture Minister Abel Prieto applauded the coherence of the Cuban president's ideas and his universal sensibility, and said he is conscious of what a political leader must do in situations of crisis and conflict.

Source: Radio Cadena Agramonte

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