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Second International Venezuelan Book Fair 2006

BY Pedro de la Hoz

The Second International Venezuelan Book Fair 2006 (FILVEN) gets underway Thursday in Caracas with a large presence of literature and writers from Cuba, this years special guest.

Among the 23 Cuban writers attending the fair are National Literature Award winners Roberto Fernandez Retamar, Reynaldo Gonzalez, Jaime Sarusky, Lizandro Otero, Abelardo Estorino, Miguel Barnet, Nancy Morejon, Anton Arrufat, Cesar Lopez and Pablo Armando Fernandez.

Twenty-two Cuban institutions will be represented in 200 square meters of the exposition area where 1,339 titles and a total of 135,400 books will be exhibited and sold. A collection of 705 books by Cuban authors will also be donated to the Venezuelan National Library.

This time the Fair will have two segments: the first to be held at the Parque de Este, Caracas, from November 9 to 19, and a second from November 20 to 30 in all the different Venezuelan states.

The fair is dedicated to Venezuelan poet Ramon Palomares, National Literature Award winner and to Victor Valera Mora, the 2006 International Poetry Award winner. Literature discussions will focus on two themes: Francisco de Mirandas life and work and Ernesto Che Guevaras legacy. The Second Copyright Meeting and the First International Meeting of Alternative and Independent Literature will also be held concurrently with the festival.

The Venezuelan publishing house Monte Avila will present the books El pensamiento economico del Che Guevara (Che Guevaras Thoughts on Economics), written by economist Carlos Tablada; a biography on Venezuelan national hero Francisco de Miranda by historian Carmen Bohorquez; and Miranda y Grecia by Miguel Castillo Didier.

Monte Avila will also be promoting their recent anthologies of Venezuelan and Cuban writers including works from Cuban poets Nancy Morejon and Victor Casaus.

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