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Most recent Cuban Zoo in Las Tunas

The area that opens the National Zoo No. 21 shows a breathtaking natural beauty. The tourist installation built up in place - 670 km east of Havana has hosted more than 125 thousand visitors in 15 years. Read More

Gem of history at Santiago de Cuba's Gran Piedra

Declared part of the Cultural Heritage of Humanity by UNICEF, La Isabelica, prototype of coffee haciendas of the time, still maintains the original structure built at the end of the 18th Century. Read More

Cayo Coco: paradise hotels to the center and north of Cuba

<p class="MsoNormal"><span style="font-size: 12pt; font-family: &quot;Times New Roman&quot;">The Jardines del Rey archipelago is located to the north of the central part of the country.<span> </span>It is considered one of the most important tourist resorts of the island.<span> </span></span> <p class="MsoNormal"><span> </span> Read More

Nacional de Cuba Hotel, an open history

The Nacional de Cuba Hotel has honored its name for more than six decades as the most representative and prestigious hotel facility of the island. Its many charms made the unforgettable writer Alejo Carpentier to call it "the enchanted castle". Read More

Camping sites improving

Salto Los Portales, Dos Hermanas, La Caridad, El Taburete, Pajarito, La Altura, and the international area of Aguas Claras are some of the centres that will give their services to the people. Read More

Malecon of Havana, a great outdoor Cuban house for everybody

One of the most authentic sites of Havana is the Malecon seafront. This wall was built to contain the warm waves that burst into the capitals coasts and it stretches from the bay to the west to the mouth of Almendares river. Along this wall, there is one of the main routes of the Havana city with six tracks that shortens the way between the historic center and other municipalities like Centro Habana, Playa and Vedado. Read More

Hotel Inglaterra in Havana, the comfort of living history

<span>One of the transcendental facilities of the tourist industry in Havana is the central Hotel Inglaterra that was inaugurated on December 23, 1875.<span> </span>It honored with its name the main world powerful country at that time, England, and it is considered one of the best world facilities after a rebuilding in 1886.</span> Read More

History of some famous Havana hotels

continues being the main tourist destination of Cuba. Its history, its charms and its Malecon attract thousands of tourists every year who decide to go all over the city at least just for some hours to continue later their trips to other important tourist sites of the island. Read More

Varadero: the most significant tourist destination in the island.

<span>Varadero is one of the most famous resorts in the world and the most important one in Cuba due to not only its natural attractions but also its history as summer resort that dates from the first decades of the last century.</span> Read More

Attractions of Paradisus Princesa del Mar highlighted

The Paradisus Princesa del Mar Hotel, in the Cuban beach resort of Varadero, has become one of the most demanded offers by the Spanish group Sol Meliá in the Caribbean Island. According to experts, the hotel offers 434 Junior Suites and Suites, in addition to the Royal Service on the upper floors. Read More

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