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Cuba launches hotel chain for tourists looking after more than sun and sand

This chain represent an alternative to lodging options catering to beach-bound tourists. Read More

Cuba, the adventure to enjoy in their depths

<span>The natural richness of the insular marine shelf of Cuba reaches continental scales, diving is an attraction for many visitors and Cuba is one of the best places to carry out this activity.<span> </span>Moreover, Cuba is considered today for many divers the ideal place to make their job because there are essential factors to achieve their objectives.</span> Read More

Zapata swamp, the closest contact with Mother Nature

<span>The nature tourism in Cuba is one of the most demanded options for those who visit the country due to its unique natural gifts.<span> <br /></span></span> Read More

El Nicho, a paradise-like tourist resort

The biggest waterfall jumping from 15 m high runs along the HaAnabanilla river pools and artificial lake located 300 km from Havana. Read More

Bay of Pigs remembered at Playa Giron Museum

The museum receives a daily flow of visitors interested in learning about the feat in Cuban history when in April 1961 the forces of the Revolution defeated a mercenary invasion. Read More

Cubas National Botanical Garden in full swing

Six hundred hectares dedicated to the most varied flora allow the visitor to get a closer look at some of the worlds extensive variety of plants Read More

Cuba a major Conference destination in Latin America

Cuba is recognized as one of the most appealing venues in Latin America for the holding of conferences, congresses, conventions and similar types of gatherings, according to a report issued by Cubas Ministry of Tourism. Read More

Raquel Hotel, tribute to the Hebrew presence in Havana

<span>Under the name of Raquel, Old Havana offers a new and singular hotel that belongs to the Habaguanex S.A tourist company.<span> </span>The cultural effervescence distinguishes this facility whose spaces resemble the Hebrew culture.</span> Read More

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