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Ediciones Cubanas Publishing House will celebrate its 30 anniversary

Ediciones Cubanas has among its missions to show the best in the literature, art and Cuban sciences, from classic works of great world recognition until the most novel and renovating literary materials in the island. Read More

More than 2 Million Tourists Visit Cuba in 2007

This achievement confirms the island as one of the main options in the Caribbean area. Read More

More Tourist Options in the Cuban Capital

The NH Parque Central Torre will be inaugurated in 2008. The hotel will be connected to the current establishment through a tunnel, thus creating a five-star tourist complex. Read More

Cubana de Aviación to Open New Route

That way, the Cuban airline will fly every week between Havana and Rosario (Argentina), with a stopover in Córdoba, in January and February. Read More

Holguin to Host International Tourism Convention

The meeting aims to promote Cuba as a tourist destination, especially Bariay, on the north coast of Cuba where Christopher Colombus landed on October 27, 1492. Read More

Russia fascinated by Compay Segundo in his centennial

Just a few days before his centennial (November 18th) and a little more than four of his death, evoking the artist in first person and analyzing his recordings fascinated the inhabitants of one of the few countries he could not visit. Read More

Tourist attractions in Old Havana

The Lonja del Comercio (Trade Market), located on the Saint Francis of Assisi Square and equipped with state-of-the-art technology. Read More

Cuba presented tourist options in Italy

The tour included major Italian cities like Naples, Palermo, Milan, Torino, Rome, Bologna and Firenze. Read More

Habaguanex expands its network with new restaurant at Obispo Street

In this expansion direction highlights go to the opening of Europa Restaurant, so right now the company has 34 facilities of that kind in that select urban area, specifically on Obispo Street. Read More

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