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Cuban tourist operators exchange impressions with its U.S. counterparts

Major U.S. travel operators gathered in a downtown Washington hotel Wednesday to listen to a pitch for business from Cuban government officials, who appeared on a giant screen via the Internet from Havana to tout the island. Read More

Hemingway; a symbol of friendly relations between Cuba and the USA

Organizers of the Ernest Hemingway International Marlin Fishing Tournament requested the US government the participation of the fishermen community in the 60th edition of that event in Cuba. Read More

Details of Ambrosio's Cave in Matanzas province

The entrance showed a lot of birds singing, it is the natural door for Ambrosio's Cave. Its name was given after the aborigines and the runaway slaves who visited the place many years before. Read More

Guanahacabibes and Scuba Diving

The Maria la Gorda Scuba Diving International Centre and supply to vessels are priorities right now in the tourist development of the Guanahacabibes peninsula, a Biosphere Reserve. Read More

Project of Caribbean Biological Corridor includes Cuba’s participation

Cuban scientists are participating in a regional project of demarcation and setting up of a Caribbean biological corridor to support the study of natural values and their sustainable management in the area. Read More

African heritage towards a Conference in Santiago de Cuba province

The 11th International Conference on African and African-American Culture, to take place here next April, will shine new lights on the mark left by that continent in this geographical area, announced the organizers. Read More

Indian first samples at the International Craftwork Festival, FIART

A group of artisans from India arrived in Cuba with great expectation to participate for the first time in the International Craftwork Festival (FIART Spanish acronym) taking place Havana from December 10 to 20. Read More

ALBA Cultural project foresees a producing network in Cuba

ALBA Cultural project announced the creation of a network for the audio visual alternatives which will allow a bigger integration and support of the filmmakers of the region. Read More

Cuba leads Solidarity and Humanism Wordlwide

Ecuador’s president Rafael Correa said Cuba was a world champion of solidarity and humanism in the farewell ceremony to the Cuban doctors that finished in that<br /> country the first stage of a psycho social-genetic study named Manuel Espejo Mission. Read More

Cuba-CARICOM anniversary commemorated in Havana

The Cuba-CARICOM Day was commemorated on Tuesday at the ‘Casa de las Americas’ cultural center in Havana thus marking another anniversary of the establishment of bilateral relations between Cuba and the Caribbean Community <br /> 37 years ago. Read More

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