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University of Holguin promotes studies on gender and equity

The center for studies on gender and equity belonging to Oscar Lucero Moya University, in Holguin city, develops several researches on the problems that still limit the full participation of women in society. Read More

Life expectancy in Cuba amounts to 78.45 years

At the close of the three-year period 2011-2013, life expectancy at birth of the Cuban population reached 78.45 years, a figure that places the island among the 25 most advantaged nations of the world in this important indicator of human progress in society. Read More

Strengths and projections of cooperative sector to be exposed

Weaknesses, strengths and projections of the cooperative and agricultural sector in Cuba were exposed today in the discussion of the Central report of the 11th Congress of the National Association of Small Farmers. Read More

Mobile telephony in Cuba exceeds 3 million users

Mobile telephony in Cuba exceeded three million users in April, according to data provided exclusively to Juventud Rebelde newspaper by the Telecommunications Company of Cuba. Read More

The shortage of money in Western Union offices in Cuba causes concern among users.

For several days the offices of Western Union in Cuba have problems to supply money to their users. Some are beginning to see the situation with fear. Read More

Applications for loans from the private sector in Cuba are 'very few' according banks

More than two years after the enactment of a law that allows Cuban state banks to finance self-employed persons and cooperatives, few people have applied for these loans. Read More

Sales of Alcatel mobile phones cause long lines in Cuba

The OT -1060x model of Alcatel has gone on sale in the shops of the Telecommunications Company of Cuba (ETECSA). There are long lines to buy them. This model, with very low performance and discontinued since 2013, has become very popular among Cubans for its low price. Read More

18 people were sentenced for trafficking eggs

This Friday were announced the sentences of 5 to 15 years' imprisonment imposed on 18 officials and workers involved in the diversion to the black market of over eight million eggs. Read More

National Archive of Cuba begins scanning its collections

Experts from the National Archives of the Republic of Cuba (ARNAC), headquartered in Havana, began digitizing least 300 maps of their holdings and collections of the institution, local media reported today. Read More

A great fire caused alarm status in Holguin

A major fire started on Wednesday afternoon, March 11, extending to near La Yaba, neighborhood near the town of El Coco, Holguin -in the east of the island- and extending late into night. Read More

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