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Perspectives at Cuba Iron-Steel Industry

<div align="justify"> The event has drawn together 800 national and foreign delegates in five congresses: iron and steel, agro mechanics, recycling, energy maintenance, and knowledge management. </div> Read More

Cuba Falls Behind in Communication Technology

<div align="justify"> Even though Cuba's cellular sector is growing, other tech sector like computers and Internet are at a standstill or declining. </div> Read More

The Hidden Export Potential of Cuba

<div align="justify"> The crisis that began in the 1990s has meant obstacles to the development of new exportable products, but Cuba has a great potential still unexplored and unexploited. </div> Read More

Implemented in Wellington, New Zealand, Cuban restoration methods

Cuba expert Isabel Leon has implemented in New Zealand a program of conferences on methods applied in her country to restore historic sites Read More

The reduction in energy consumption save 18 000 tons of fuel in Cuba

<br /> Such equivalent fuel economy, reached thanks to a national energy saving, made blackout program to people unnecessary. Read More

Small-size varieties of bananae more resistant to hurricane winds developed at cuban biotech institut

Cuban experts from the Plant Biotechnology Institute (IBP) in Santa Clara province are once again dedicated to grow small-size varieties of banana, which are more resistant to hurricane winds. Read More

Cuban Molecular Immunology Center Develops Immunotherapy for Treating Cancer

With 36 research projects underway and 24 biotechnological products being trialed for the treatment of cancer, Cuba is actively developing immunotherapy against this disease Read More

Biogas new energy source used intensively in Cuba

Cuba has built some 700 biogas plants as new energy sources to develop an efficient and sustainable energy model in the island Read More

Health is the name of a documentary by American filmmaker Connie Field on Cuba international solidarity

Health is the name of a documentary by American filmmaker Connie Field on Cuba experiences regarding international solidarity and cooperation in the health sector that was screened in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.<br /> Read More

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