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Cuba on Alert of Second Wave of A (H1N1)

The Public Health (MINSAP) Vice Minister Luis Estruch called to step up preventive measures facing the second wave of A(H1N1) flu that have killed 41 people and infected about 1,000 in Cuba. Read More

Call to strengthen control on energy consumption

Cuban Vice President of the Council of State and Ministers Ramiro Valdes Menendez made a call to strengthen control of energy consumption plans in each province of the country. Read More

First International Workshop of Engraving Graphic-K underway at Santiago de Cuba city

Creative workshops, master classes and talks about the development of the existing artwork are taking place at the First International Workshop of Engraving Graphic-K. Read More

Tínima beer celebrates its anniversary

Labourers of the well-known Camaguey-based Tínima brewery celebrates its 24th anniversary Thursday, now with its productive capacity recovered, after having put into function 12 reactors, with which it already has 36 reactors working. Read More

Cuban Doctors graduated in 1959 received homage

First Vice President Jose Ramon Machado Ventura congratulated on Tuesday all Cuban doctors who graduated in 1959 for their work in the training of several generations of health professionals. Read More

Cuban biotechnology’s achievements continue its trend

CIMAVAX EGF, the first therapeutic vaccine to treat advanced lung cancer registered in Cuba and unique of its kind registered in the world for this type of malignancy is part of a long list of medicines developed on the island to reduce deaths and replace importations. Read More

Efficient and rational use of resources in the health branch is even more needed in Cuba

Cuban Public Health Minister Jose Ramon Balaguer, called on Thursday to increase efficiency and the rational use of human and material resources in this branch without affecting quality of services offered to the population. Read More

Cuba free of human rabies

Among action to reduce the infection is the free distribution of one million doses of anti-rabies vaccines, to immunize more than 90 percent of dogs with owner. Read More

Cinema School graduates to release multimedia at Havana Film Festival

A multimedia CD with over two thousand 670 files and videos made by graduates from the San Antonio de los Baños International Cinema and TV School was exhibited here during the 31 Havana Film Festival. Read More

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