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Cuba holds petrol, geoscience conferences

Geologists from 20 nations on Tuesday attended the Petroleum and Gas Congress in Havana, the first of its kind there. The conference will focus on long-distance and horizontal drilling, deep-water exploration, production and transport, and refining of extra-heavy crude. Read More

First scientific book written in Cuba

Between 1663 and 1672 the book Arte de Navegar considered first Cuban scientific volume came to light authored by Spanish doctor from Sevilla Lázaro de Flores, who had graduated in 1647 and come to work in Cuba, where he wrote the said book a decade after his arrival in this city. Read More

Advances in cornea transplants in Cuba recognized

Since 2001, Cuba has had a national network for cornea transplants; this allowed the country to reached the record of 450 such operations in 2006. Read More

Cuba to host image of nature festival

The Havana-based National Museum of Natural History of Cuba called the 4th Image of Nature Festival in 2007. Sponsored by international agencies and the Office of the Historian of the City of Havana, the festival is aimed at acknowledging the creative and investigative work of audiovisual teams linked to nature. Read More

Cuba increases food storage capacity

Raul Castro visits refrigerated silos and flour packing plant in Pinar del Rio. More than a hundred refrigerated silos for storing wheat, corn, soy, beans, rice and other grains are now in use as Cuba seeks to increase its food storage capacity. The goal is to have another similar amount in operation by the middle of the year. Read More

Archaeological site found in Cuban Capital

The place was intact until today, being the more conserved and abundant discovery of the XVI century in Havana, expressed Roger Arrazcaeta, Director of Archaeology Department. Read More

Disaster reduction study awarded Cuban Academy of Sciences Prize

Cuban engineers were awarded today the Science Academy Prize 2006 for their study on disaster reduction in urban surroundings. Read More

Cuba, new pasta for celiac children

A new State-funded line to produce gluten-free pasta intended for celiac children is ready to start operation at Havana-based La Pasiega factory. Read More

Ukrainian kids arrive in Cuba for medical treatment

A new group of 48 Ukrainian children, victims of the continued aftereffects of the Chernobyl accident, arrived to Cuba for medical treatment as part of a program soon to reach its 17th anniversary. Read More

AIDS issue brought up at Anthropology Congress in Cuba

The impact of AIDS in Latin America will be the main topic of debate Friday at the First Ibero American Congress on Anthropology underway in this capital. Cuban specialist Lisbert Roig Martín, will deliver a lecture with a socio-cultural approach to the HIV/AIDS issue in Latin America. Read More

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