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Cuba to restate its bet for free software

The development in Cuba of the version 2.0 of the Nova operating system, promoted by the presence of this software in the 2009 Information Technology International Convention, reaffirms that the country is for technological independence in this field. Read More

Computerization steps up in Pinar del Río society

The computerization of Pinar del Río society is a long, complex and expensive process that will benefit all the citizens, even those who never sit in front of a computer. Read More

Seventh International Conference on Law and Informatics, taking place in Cuba

The Seventh International Conference on Law and Informatics, taking place in Cuba, is debating the relation between government, electronic administration and the use and rights to free software. Read More

In Villa Clara, Cuba, new digital magazine about cardiology

In this first number there were inserted 10 articles published by cardiologists and cardiovascular surgeons, it makes possible the publication of the achievements of the Ernesto Guevara. Institute of this city.<br /> Read More

In Las Tunas, Cuba: Graduate Over 260 Computer Operator Technicians

With the recent graduation at the polytechnic of computer sciences, the province of<br /> Las Tunas counts on more than 260 graduates in that specialty to boost the scientific development in this eastern region. Read More

Cuba to Celebrate World Telecommunication Day

Different activities will be conducted on the island to celebrate World Telecommunication and Information Society Day, May 17 Read More

Cuban Magazine Receives International Certification

The digital magazine Roca, from the Blas Roca Calderio Higher Pedagogical Institute in the province of Granma, received a numeric code identifyin its serial publications around the world. Read More

Cuba is limiting the access further on to the Web for its citizens

Cuba is further limiting access to the World Wide Web for its citizens, in what many believe is an effort to rein in a small but increasingly popular group of bloggers who are critical of the government. Read More

New Cuban Website on Che Guevara

The site is on testing stage prior to its posting on Internet with the cooperation of the Webpage of the local Vanguardia newspaper. Read More

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