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In Las Tunas, Cuba: Computerizing the address of the society.

A new consultancy service and integral attendance for the improvement of the management in the entities of this eastern province of Las Tunas, is being promoted by the Center of Information and Technological and Environmental Administration (CIGET) with its recent website. Read More

Meeting of the Joomla! Community of Spain with Cuban specialists

A meeting of Spanish members of Joomla! Community with specialists from different Cuban entities took place recently in Havana. Read More

Is Google blocking Cuba?

The greatest and the most used internet explorer has closed some of its services without a clear explanation which are inaccessible from Cuba. Read More

European owned Cuban-websites blacklisted by United States

Steven Marshall, the owner of T&M and affiliated websites such as,, and, is a British travel agent with an interest in Cuban culture who sells tours to Cuba to European tourists. Read More

The Gradual Introduction of Free Software in Cuba Becomes Significant to Go Ahead in the Crucial Strategy.

Without "pushing the boat out", the gradual introduction of free software in Cuba becomes significant to go ahead in the process of incorporating informatics into society. Read More

The Computerized Axial Tomography Advances in Cuba

The system of public health in Cuba improves the population's quality of life with the development of the Tomography, technique that receives considerable financial and human resources. Read More

The Joven Club favour the surfing through the network Cuba.

The number of young people graduated from the Computing Joven Club organization will reach a million and a half, when end the current curse of those installations, distributed all along the country. Read More

Developed in Holguin, Cuba a Defibrillation Training Software

Software that assists in risk-free learning in how to use a Cardiodef-2M defibrillator "a digital instrument for the treatment of severe cardiac arrhythmias" is being applied in Holguin, Cuba. Read More

Cuba will have 1.5 million informatics experts who will graduate from Computer Joven Clubs in June

From October to January alone, more than 1,000 students, including children, youths and adults, graduated from Joven Clubs. Read More

The first Cuban catalogue of fossil footprints is now available on digital format

The first Cuban catalogue of fossil footprints is now available on digital format and can be consulted at the information center of the National Museum of Natural History in Havana. Read More

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