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Cuba to advance in computerization of society

In the region of the Sierra Maestra in the eastern province of Granma there are different courses of information technology being taught that stimulate the knowledge and use of free software, apart from the creation of computer programs. Read More

University of Information Technologies are a Priority for the Cuban Government

Artemisa, Manzanillo in Granma, and Morón in Ciego de Ávila are the three municipalities that take in the 972 young people that so far are members of this plan. A number that is part of the 11,200 students all over the country who are part of the Futuro project, lead by the Havana University of Information Technologies. Read More

11,200 University Students in Computer Science Education a Priority for the Cuban Government

The towns of Artemisa and Manzanillo and Moron are the three municipalities that are welcoming the 972 youths who are currently enrolled in this new effort.The towns of Artemisa and Manzanillo and Moron are the three municipalities that are welcoming the 972 youths who are currently enrolled in this new effort. Read More

Havana 's International Institute of Journalism develops a training course in Las Tunas

The Architecture of the Information as vital element to be published in Internet, was the main topic during the first day of the fifth training course on Digital Journalism, undeway in this eastern province of Las Tunas, whose womb began in the José Martí International Institute of Journalism, of Havana, last January. Read More

An urgent need for Cuba: Information literacy in health

Good practice should form the basis for the development of literacy, transferring positive experiences contributes to improving the quality of the process and encourage collaboration among the partners in the literacy program; communicate and share experiences in the process of literacy is the foundation for the program's success. Read More

Cuba and nine other nations voted against a standard Open Format proposed by Microsoft

Microsoft won an international standards designation for its open document format, according to a copy of voting results obtained Tuesday, apparently ending a divisive year-long battle with some of its software rivals before a global standards-setting organization. Read More

Is Google blocking Cuba?

The greatest and the most used internet explorer has closed some of its services without a clear explanation which are inaccessible from Cuba. When requesting the Google bar, a brief sign in English says "We are sorry, but this service is not available for your country". The same answer appears when requesting known services like Google Earth, Google Desktop Search, Google Code or Google Toolbar. Read More

Increases Use of Computer Science in Educational Sector in Ciego de Ávila, Cuba.

Ciego de Ávila province started the social connectivity project of the Ministry of Education Net by giving services at the René Ramos High School, attended by university students over the weekends. Read More

For the first time in Cuba: Two Professionals Graduate Masters in Management and Innovation Design

For the first time in Cuba two professionals reached the level of Master in Management and Innovation Design to argue their theses at the Institute of Design (ISDI), in the capital. Read More

In Ciego de Ávila Increase Services of Video Rooms

The video rooms lodging the Youth Video Clubs in Ciego de Ávila contribute not only to the shaping of the younger generations, but also to the cultural upgrading and recreation of the population in general. Read More

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