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In Las Tunas, Cuba: Investments to Supply Water Favor

In views to improving the supply of drinkable water to the population, Cuba executes a program of investments that already benefits to 10, 284 families of this provincial capital city, located 690 kilometers to the east of Havana.  Read More

Cuba: Province of Las Tunas Receives Help from Dominican Republic for Repairs

Some 4, 000 tiles of zinc and 5, 000 wooden strips arrived at the province of Las Tunas coming from the Dominican Republic, to recoup some of the damages caused by the hurricane Ike. Read More

New Center of Ophthalmology Offers Services in Las Tunas, Cuba

The service to patient with eye affections improves notably in the eastern province of Las Tunas, with the opening of a new center of ophthalmology in the hospital Ernesto (Che) Guevara, of this city. Read More

Sowing of Tobacco Begins in Cuban Province of Las Tunas

The tobacco planters of Las Tunas province began the sowing of some 1, 475 hectares of that leaf, with which they help so that Cuba recovers as soon as possible from the severe damages, caused in that branch by the hurricane Ike, at beginnings of last month.<br /> Read More

Las Tunas, Cuba Restarts Production of Ethylic Alcohol

The workers of the distillery Sevilla, located in the municipality of Amancio, about 90 kilometers to the south of this city, and about 700 to the southeast of Havana, overcame to the damages caused more than one month ago by the hurricane Ike and they restarted the production of ethylic alcohol, derived of the sugar cane, with big demand in the international market. Read More

In Las Tunas, Cuba: Theater Stage Begins

The homage of the theater for the 14th anniversary of the Grupo Teatral Huellas and of the competition of performance Blanca Becerra begins with the play Saquemos los trapos al sol (Eliciting Your Secrets) that could be enjoyed in the cinema-theater 28 de septiembre of this city. Read More

In Las Tunas, Cuba: More than 94, 000 inhabitants are immunized of Vaccination the Leptospirosis

As part of the immunologic stability that Cuba guarantees to its residents, in the eastern province of Las Tunas, more than 94, 000 inhabitants are immunized in the Campaign of Vaccination against the Leptospirosis. Read More

Juvenile Contingents Work in Recovery of Las Tunas, Cuba

In order to not be the last ones in the help to the recovery of Las Tunas, after the passage of the Hurricane Ike, the members of the Young Communist League of Cuba (UJC) organized the Juvenile Contingents 50 Anniversary Victory of the Revolution, for such a purpose. Read More

In Cuba: Some 140 schools of the province of Las Tunas restarted the school year 2008-2009

Some 140 schools of the province of Las Tunas restarted the school year 2008-2009, interrupted in Cuba by the scourge of two powerful hurricanes that devastated the country, included a huge amount of teaching centers. Read More

In Las Tunas, Cuba: Exhibits Art of Painter Yamila Comas

After the opening of the exhibition Women Inside at the provincial headquarters of the Association of Cuban Writers and Artists (UNEAC), the public of this city can enjoy the plastic art of Yamila Comas.<br /> Read More

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