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In Cuba: Notable Contribution of Las Tunas to Cuban Metalwork

Technical innovations performed by metalwork technicians from Las Tunas have produced a notable production increase and have saved money for the country's economy. Read More

Teofilo Stevenson Tours Hurricane-Hit Areas in Eastern Cuba

Teofilo Stevenson, three-time Olympic and World Super Heavyweight Champion, is touring Eastern Cuba’s areas that were affected in the last months by hurricanes Paloma and Ike. Read More

Repair of Houses Moves Ahead in Guayabal, Las Tunas Province

Some sixty of the 257 houses damaged by hurricane Paloma have been repaired in the southern village of Guayabal, municipality of Amancio in the province of Las Tunas. This village was the most affected in the province by the fury of hurricane Paloma. Read More

Las Tunas, Cuba in Search of an Ecologically Sustainable Agrarian Development

Those more than one thousand members of the Cuban Association of Agricultural and Forest Technicians (ACTAF) from the province of Las Tunas join efforts to revert the severe damages caused this year by the powerful natural disasters and continue promoting the development of the territory on the base of a sustainable ecology. Read More

Genetic Center Diversifies Services in Las Tunas, Cuba

The Center of Medical Genetics of this eastern province, diversifies its social function that was only for pregnant women, and boosts a program to study the hereditary illnesses and congenital defects. Read More

Refurbished City Hotel Favors Cultural Tourism in Eastern Cuba

The newly restored Cadillac Hotel located in Las Tunas city, in eastern Cuba, reopened its doors in Las Tunas city, in eastern Cuba. Read More

Famous Dancer Cristina Hoyos Says Goodbye to Las Tunas, Cuba

With the spectacular skill of her dance, sensual domain of the castanets and the motivations of returning again to this city, the famed dancer and choreographer, Cristina Hoyos, said goodbye to her public after three shows in this territory. Read More

In Cuba: Flemish of Andalusia Shakes Tunas Theater with Premier Gypsy Romance

The stage of Tunas Theater trembled in this city with the premier of the work Romancero gitano (Gypsy Romance), under the leading role of the dancer Cristina Hoyos and the Flamenco Ballet of Andalusia, as part of the inaugural day of the 21st International Ballet Festival of Havana. Read More

In Las Tunas, Cuba: Spanish Choreographer Cristina Hoyos

The noted dancer, choreographer and director, Cristina Hoyos, is already in this city, as part of the activities organized by the 21st International Ballet Festival of Havana. Read More

Minister of Education Highlights Recovery Works in Schools of the province of Las Tunas, Cuba

The minister of education of Cuba, Ena Elsa Gonzalez, highlighted in this city the work carried out in the educational field of the province of Las Tunas to stabilize the teaching-learning process after the passage of the hurricane Ike through the territory. Read More

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