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The hands of Cuban's orchestra's directress Zenaida Castro Romeu are restless

It happened during the three performances of the Camerata Romeu in Holguin, as part of the 25th "Jornada de Conciertos" taking place in this province, which she has found "very complete" because of the attendance of important concert bands." Read More

21st edition of the Cuban International Fair Disc-CUBADISCO was announced in Holguin

The 21st edition of the Cuban International Fair Disc-CUBADISCO was announced in Holguin by Ciro Benemelis, chairman of the organising committee for the event, which this time is dedicated to Africa as a continent, and music and poetry as artistic manifestations. Read More

President Raúl Castro confirmed the progress of water transfer system work sites in eastern and central Cuba

President Raúl Castro confirmed the progress of the first phase of the East-West Water Transfer project conversing in Mayarí with the leadership of the Integrated Management Engineering Services Company (DIP) - Transfers. Read More

Moa in Holguín, Cuba to Set up the Biggest Power Generating Unit

Designed for 174.6 MegaWatts of capacity, this will be the largest unit planned in the country to operate using fuel oil, and the investments will exceed 140 billion pesos. Read More

Documentary on Cuban poet Emilio Ballagas shoot in Holguin

Scenes of a documentary on the life of Emilio Ballagas Cubenas are filmed in Buenaventura, a town that the Cuban poet born in Camaguey city used to visit often, and whose family house has become a memory place today. Read More

In Holguin, Cuba, more than 165 people have chronic renal failure

Chronic kidney diseases (ERC) actually constitute a worldwide health problem, according to data from the World Health Organization (WHO). Approximately 500 million people are affected by these diseases, more than one million people receive renal replacement treatment and one in every ten adults has some form of kidney damage. Read More

Under Clinical Test in Eastern Cuba: New Cancer Medication

The project, which includes all patients requiring the action of the medication, will be implemented in all major hospitals in the eastern territory over the next six months. Read More

New Construction Begins on Gibara II Wind Farm in Holguin, Cuba.

The construction of the Gibara II wind farm, began on the northern coast in the area of Punta Rasa of Holguin province with the topographical measurements. Read More

Highest Waterfall in Cuba a not very well-known place

First, there is the sound of water falling; next a tourist guide saying, "This way." The stairs to the viewing platform have an imposing presence, and there is no choice but to climb them to discovery immensity. Read More

Cuban Province of Holguin is Hosting a Regional Workshop to Exchange Experiences on Reduction Natural Disasters

The Cuban province of Holguin is hosting a Regional Workshop to exchange experiences on disaster reduction, an initiative to strengthen partnership among the countries of the Caribbean and Central America. Read More

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