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Holguín, province of Cuba applies treatment for muscular dystonia

The opening of a specialized consultation for the treatment of patients suffering from muscular dystonia in the surgical hospital Lucia Iñiguez in Holguin is a new achievement of Public Health in this eastern province. Read More

Exhibition on Religious Art Opened in Holguín, Cuba

An exhibition on Religious Art was opened this weekend in the main hall of the Provincial Art Center of Holguin , with nearly half a hundred works by local artists. Read More

Unusual Presence of Humpback Whales off Cuban Coasts

After learning about the large presence of humpback whales, scientific authorities together with the Fishing Enterprise and Coastguard Forces coordinated efforts to guarantee the safety of the guests. Read More

In Cuba the poor cinema returns

"The Gibara Poor Cinema Festival will not have another president but Humberto Solas," confirmed Sergio Benvenuto, director of the event in its official presentation. This 7th edition is scheduled from April 13th-19th. Read More

ExpoCiencia 2009 Opens in Holguin, Cuba

The event ExpoCiencia 2009, first of its type in Cuba, opened in "La Periquera" Museum of the eastern province of Holguín. Read More

Guayabero: Cuban Wine to Excite the Senses

The new Cuban wine El Guayabero, named after a Cuban folk singer known for his humorous songs, will exceed other wines capacity to unleash the tongue, as it enriches the bouquet with a special double sense to make drinkers blush or generate excitement. Read More

Cuban Biotechnology Products in 58 Countries of the World

Cuban biotechnology has taken its scientific results to some 58 countries of the world, said the director of the Molecular Immunology Center, Doctor Agustin Lage in a key lecture in this eastern province. Read More

Biran, Hometown of the Castro-Ruz Family, Declared National Monument

On Tuesday, the Cuban National Commission on Monuments declared that the town where Cuban Presidents Fidel and Raul Castro were born is now added to the list of National Monuments. Read More

In Cuba: New Polio Vaccination Champaign in Eastern Province

The eastern province of Holguin will start the 48th vaccination campaign against Polio from February 27 until March 5 as its first stage, while the second stage is schedule for April 24 to 30.<br /> Read More

Holguín, Cuba to Apply Diagnosis Blend Against Toxoplasmosis.

A diagnostic blend with specific antibodies, antigens and fluorescent markers to detect human toxoplasmosis has been developed in the Cuban province of Holguin in 2008. Read More

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