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Alma Mater Magazine Turns 85

Today the Abril Editorial House, with a circulation of 10,000 copies, publishes the magazine. It is addressed mainly to collage students and is also available on the Internet in . Read More

Brian de Palmas Anti-Militaristic Film in Havana

The laureate filmmaker of "Los intocables", "Carlitos Way" and "Vestida para matar", among other celebrated films, asserted in London recently that with his new production "hes said what media does not do: to tell the truth". Read More

Cuban Patriot Buried in Havana

"It is impossible to say good-bye to him, it would be betraying him: we do not say good-bye to him, we will always stay at his side," said Cuban National Assembly (Parliament) president Ricardo Alarcon, during Miranda's burial at the Cemetery of Colon in Havana Thursday. Read More

Art to transform a neighbourhood

Fifteen plastic artists have agreed to change the pejorative tone, many of them use to refer some communities, such as Pogolotti, La Güinera y Ceiba. Read More

Contemporary Polish Film Week in Havana

When we talked about the best European cinematography in the '60s and '70s, we used to talk about the great masters from the Polish cinema, a school that marked those times with its aesthetics and attracted the attention of Cuban moviegoers. Read More

Congress of Latin American and Caribbean Students Concludes

During the event, the Cuban Federation of University Students (FEU) was re-elected in the direction of OCLAE while the National Union of Students of Nicaragua and the UNE of Brazil were ratified as members of its Executive Secretariat. Read More

Venezuela Bites US Film Hegemony

In the framework of the First Film Festival of Southern Peoples, which is being held on the Venezuelan Margarita island, experts mentioned the need to make the films to reach national and international audiences, especially Ibero Americans. Read More

Cuban Biotechnology Spreads All Over the World

Cuba's biotechnological industry has made major achievements, including 38 products that are being commercialized in 40 countries. The most relevant products are the vaccine against meningococcal meningitis, interferon and streptokinase. Read More

The Ideological Waterloo

Reflections of President Fidel Castro: I have been working on the many reflections that I have promised. One of them deals with the main ideas of a book by Greenspan, former chairman of the Federal Reserve, making use of his own words. Read More

Cuba puts 'camel' bus out to pasture

Humped and aging vehicles being phased out for Chinese fleet. It's actually a tractor-trailer that hauls a homemade double-humped cabin made of two bus shells welded together, a peculiarly Cuban contrivance whose patchwork conjures up a post-apocalyptic image of transit. Read More

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