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Third Stage of Sabana-Camagüey Project Underway

The third stage of Sabana-Camagüey Project started and is focused to protect biodiversity favouring tourism, fishing, agriculture, animal husbandry and forest sectors. Read More

In Camagüey, Cuba Renowned Academic Eliseo Acosta Buried

The death of Matanzas-born Eliseo Acosta Pérez, whose work was entirely dedicated to investigate about the sugarcane (Saccharum officinarum), has meant a deep loss for the sciences in Cuba. Read More

Children suffering from Xeroderma Pigmentosa disorder visit Camagüey

A group of 21 children, ranging in age from six to 11, and suffering from Xeroderma Pigmentosa (XP), arrived in Camaguey as part of a tour which correspond to their treatment program. Read More

Limones-Tuabaquey, a New Protected Area in Camagüey, Cuba

The Ecological Reservation Limones-Tuabaquey, in the municipality of Sierra de Cubitas, recently became the fifth protected area within the province of Camaguey, approved by the Executive Committee of Cuba’ Council of States. Read More

Cuba Military Drills for Defense Held

Cuba Eastern Army officers have termed successful the "Moncada 2008" drill, proving the region's invulnerability faced with an eventual military attack. Read More

Teacher Recruitment in Cuba

Recruiting teachers and professors cannot only be seen as a way to meet numbers, but as an important process Read More

In Camagüey, Cuba to Host National Scientific Forum on History

A National Scientific Forum, in occasion of the 140th Anniversary of the beginning of the struggles in Cuba will be held in the city of Camaguey, located in the eastern portion of the island. Read More

The Cuban's Artistic Group Maraguán Returns from Chile and Prepares for New Premiere

The artistic group Maraguán, belonging to the University of Camagüey, has returned from Chile, where it participated in the 1st International Folklore Festival ‘From the End of the World’. Read More

Cuban Minister of Education congratulates and stimulation of the teachers in Camagüey

The attention and stimulation of the teachers, and their improvement are part of the prior objectives of Cuban Minister of Education for the coming school year; alleged in this province, Ena Elena Vázquez Cobiella, during an exchange with the main leaders of this sector in Camagüey. Read More

Social communicators in Camagüey, Cuba for a better quality in the administration process

The Balance Assembly of the Cuban Association of Social Communicators in this province stood out for the improvement of the quality in the creational work and for the active participation of its affiliates in the activities that are going to take place in this city. Read More

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