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Sick Cuban boy helped by Sharon Baptist church in Smithfield, N.C.

During the past six months, the congregation of Sharon Baptist Church in Smithfield worked to bring a 12-year-old Cuban boy with a fatal disease to North Carolina for medical treatment. Read More

Cuban romance still haunts Obama nominee for ambassador

The nominated ambassador to El Salvador has sparked controversy because of her ex-boyfriend's ties to Cuban diplomats. Read More

South Walton woman sojourns to her homeland of Cuba

When 12-year-old Ampy Cox left home in Cuba for boarding school in Montreal, she thought it was for one year.<br /> Read More

Alleged thief tries to flee to Cuba for bride

LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB Fox 41) -- An AutoZone employee stole money from that business and planned to flee to Cuba where he could marry his bride, according to police reports. Read More

Antonio Guerrero moved from maximum to medium security

This is good news because at least now Tony Guerrero is not in quite as horrendous an environment. Read More

US Media misrepresents Cuba's Human Rights' records

In the wake of the death of Orlando Zapata Tamayo, the mainstream United States media published a slew of stories condemning the so-called human rights violations that led to his hunger strike. Read More

Of Compost, Molecules and Insects, Art Is Born

The word organic means different things to different people. To the gardener it means compost heaps. To the chemist it means carbon compounds. Read More

US Senate panel urges overhaul of broadcasts to Cuba

WASHINGTON (AFP) – US government-backed radio and television broadcasts into Cuba reach a tiny audience there and suffer from poor editorial standards, a US Senate Committee said in a scathing report released Monday. Read More

Cuban air charter case sent to Fla. state court

MIAMI -- A Miami woman's attempt to force air charter companies to pay a $27 million legal judgment owed to her by the Cuban government has been bounced from federal to state court. Read More

Guantánamo interrogator: Treats made terror suspect talk

GUANTANAMO BAY NAVY BASE, Cuba -- An anonymous woman testified Friday that, as a young Navy interrogator, she treated Canadian captive Omar Khadr with fig newtons and M&amp;Ms -- and that he came to sessions happily and confessed to throwing a grenade at U.S. forces in Afghanistan. Read More

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