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An ad against the embargo appears on American television

"Isn’t it time for a change?” A TV commercial concludes with that question that reminds Americans in 30 seconds their travel ban to Cuba and the about six billion dollars in business that US companies lose by the embargo. Read More

Granma and CubaDebate among the most viewed websites in Cuba

In an article published recently by the popular technology journal PC Magazine, CubaDebate (6th place) and Granma (10th) are included as major news sites of the Internet in Cuba and the most preferred by users of the Island. Read More

Talks between Cuba and the US continue without agreement or date on embassies

During the daily press conference to be held in the State Department, John Kirby said on Wednesday that talks between Havana and Washington are going in a positive direction, but denied there was an agreement or a specific date to announce the establishment of diplomatic missions in the two capitals. Read More

MLB Commissioner interested in Cuban baseball players and market

Rob Manfred, MLB commissioner, said on Tuesday in the clubhouse of the Boston Red Sox that he estimates that "the normalization of relations with Cuba represents a great opportunity for baseball." Read More

American artist Matthew Barney will be at the Fábrica de Arte Cubano

As part of the XII Havana Biennial, the American artist Matthew Barney will be on Saturday 13 at 4:00pm at Fábrica de Arte Cubano (Cuban Art Factory) to attend the premiere in Cuba of his film River of Fundament. Read More

The picture of the day: Cuban flag mast in future embassy in Washigton is installed

A dozen diplomats from the US Interests Section in Cuba, including the mission chief, Jose Cabañas, attended a small ceremony to place the mast -without raising the flag yet- outside the building, which will become the embassy of Cuba in the United States after reaching a bilateral agreement. Read More

Jacobson: Cuba has not decided its strategy for internet and mobile phones

The United States said on Tuesday that they have the impression that Cuban government has not yet decided a strategy on how to modernize its infrastructure in the area of ​​telecommunications. Read More

Moody's: Double currency is the biggest macroeconomic challenge for Cuba

Moody's Investors Service pointed out the dual monetary system in Cuba, with one convertible peso CUC)equivalent to one dollar that coexists with the Cuban peso (CUP) or "national currency"- as one of the major sources of inefficiency and distortion of prices. Read More

Chinese military chief visits US and Cuba

The Chinese General Fan Changlong, member of the Political Bureau of the Central Committee of the CCP and vice president of the Central Military Commission of China, started on Monday a visit to the United States. Read More

Kerry follows the state of negotiations with Cuba while recovering from accident

John Kerry, Secretary of State of the United States, received on Thursday a report on the negotiations between Havana and Washington for the normalization of diplomatic relations with Cuba and the nuclear talks with Iran from Boston, where he is recovering from an accident he suffered last Sunday. Read More

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