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Jazz and Cuban musical roots with the style of Yasek Manzano

The start of the “great tour” represented by the jazz genre, integrated to the musical roots of the biggest Caribbean island, took place last week in the Cuban capital, during a concert by Yasek Manzano and his band. Read More

Cuba wallops USA 10-2 in Olympic baseball and advances to the gold medal game

Cuba did right everything they had to do. The challenge was: win and go to the fight for the gold medal or drop down to the bronze medal game. The pressure was ON! Read More

Fay Exits Cuba, Now in Florida Strait

Tropical Storm Fay entered Cuban territory by the Zapata Penninsula and exited through Cardenas in Matanzas province, sparing the capital as it had previously been forecast.<br /> Read More

Alonso Brito left Cuba, but it never left him

<br /> THE PUBLICITY photos for the new album by Alonso Brito have that air of Havana hipness that has cloaked many contemporary artists coming from the island. It's a chic mystique derived from that incongruous juxtaposition of stylish fashion against drab communist gray. Read More

In Las Tunas, Cuba US Photographer Henry Miller Exhibits Mexican Culture

The public of this eastern province of Cuba can see the faces of the oldest Mexican culture in the Museum Vicente Garcia, of Las Tunas city, an exhibition by the US photographer Henry Miller. Read More

A prestigious group of international artists in New York in support of the cause of the Five Cuban

A prestigious group of international artists have confirmed their participation in a performance all together in the first public concert in the United States in support of the cause of the Five Cuban fighters against terrorism, as next September 12th will be ten years of their arbitrary arrests. Read More

Ramón Labañino, one of the five Cubans jailed in the United States Grateful of World Support

Ramon Labañino, one of the five Cubans jailed in the United States since 1998 for fighting terrorism, thanked international community for its support. Read More

In San Francisco, US Billboard on Cuban Five to Be Unveiled

To raise public awareness of the case of the Cuban Five, a giant billboard 35'x75' erected in downtown San Francisco, US, for the month of August will be officially unveiled this Thursday.<br /> Read More

Seemingly two Cuban sportsmen desert

Cuba's extra efforts to try and stop some of their best players from defecting at international tournaments has once again hit a snag. Read More

Microsoft and Cuba

The more I think about it, the more annoyed I get. There's just something fundamentally wrong when a U.S. company isn't allowed to compete in a market where the rest of the world is free to benefit from commercial engagement and entrepreneurism.<br /> Read More

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