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San Romero de las Americas Church in New York city demands freedom for the Cuban five

The San Romero de las Americas Church in New York city issued an official demanded for the release of five Cuban antiterrorists unjustly imprisoned in US jails, and is organizing a mass rally "For Truth and Justice" on September 21. Read More

Obama: Lift Cuba Restrictions To Aid Gustav Victims

Sen. Barack Obama today called on President Bush to lift U.S. travel for and other restrictions on family remittances, visits and humanitarian care packages to Cuba because of damage to the island country for 90 days because of Hurrican Gustav. Read More

The arrogant offer of the U.S. government regarding Gustav hurricane relief

The New York Times has reported the following:<br /> <br /> The United States State Department said Thursday that it had offered humanitarian aid to Cuban victims of Hurricane Gustav, provided that it went through relief organizations and not the government of President Raúl Castro. Read More

Cuba said it will appeal to the U.S. Supreme Court against for the five Cuban

Cuba said on Thursday it will appeal to the U.S. Supreme Court part of a lower court decision against five Cuban agents who have been imprisoned nearly 10 years on espionage charges. Read More

David Oliver Defeats Dayron Robles in Super Grand Prix

The US runner David Oliver, beat the Cuban Dayron Robles in the 110 meters hurdles, in the Grand Prix athletics, with headquarters in Lausanne, Switzerland, when he stopped the time in 13.02 seconds.<br /> Read More

U.S. men's soccer prepares for historic game in Cuba

The man who directs the fortunes of Cuba's national team has some lofty goals for a squad that hasn't reached the World Cup in 70 years. Reinhold Fanz wants his side to play in South Africa in 2010.<br /> Read More

US Soccer Team to Compete in Cuba

The US soccer team will play soon against Cuba, as part of the South Africa 2010 world cup qualifier. Read More

US Lawyer Leonard Weinglass to Explain Cuban Five in Chile

US Lawyer Leonard Weinglass, member of the defense team of the five Cuban anti-terrorists jailed in the US, will refresh information on the case in Chile.<br /> Read More

Cuban writer to achieve the Latin American theater award in the United States

The drama writer, poet, narrator and journalist from Holguin, José Luís García has just achieved the Latin American theater award George Woodyard 2008, handed in by the Faculty of Arts and Liberal Sciences from the University of Connecticut , United States . Read More

Holguin Writer Jose Luis Garcia won the "George Woodyard" Latin American Theatre award in Connecticut

Holguin writer Jose Luis Garcia won the &quot;George Woodyard&quot; Latin American Theatre award, given by the Department of Modern and Classical Languages and its Spanish section at the University of Connecticut. Read More

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