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Bush stands firm on Cuba during Miami visit.

Despite his sinking popularity among Cuban Americans, President Bush continued to hold the line on Cuba travel restrictions during a visit to Miami.<br /> Read More

Cuba Explains Blockade Damages at John Hopkins University

The head of the Cuban Interests Section in Washington, Jorge Alberto Bolaños Suarez, outlined the effects of the economic, commercial and financial blockade imposed on Cuba by the United States over 50 years, opening a seminar on the western hemisphere at John Hopkins University. Read More

Cuban Musician Nominated for Latin Grammy

Cuban musician Roberto Valera considers being nominated for Latin Grammy 2008 as very exciting, despite the opinion each artist has of that event. Read More

The Five Cuban anti terrorists are decorated with the Honoris Causa title in Venezuela

The five Cuban antiterrorists who are imprisoned in the USA were decorated in Venezuela with the title Doctor Honoris Causa in Education Sciences. Read More

Cuba would continue fight against aggression

Carlos Fernandez de Cossio, Head of Latin and Caribbean Desk at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Cuba on Friday said: in spite of attempts to destroy the economy of Cuba, the citizens of the country would continue to resist such aggressive methods.<br /> Read More

Federal judge bars Fla. law on Cuba travel bond

A Florida law that would make it more expensive for travel agents to book trips to Cuba is likely unconstitutional, a federal judge ruled Wednesday.<br /> Read More

European Union (EU) and Cuban officials will meet shortly to open the political dialogue

European Union (EU) and Cuban officials will meet shortly to open the political dialogue the EU had proposed after it lifted the five-year diplomatic sanctions on the Communist-ruled island early this year, EFE reported Wednesday quoting the Spanish foreign minister. Read More

Report: 3 Medicare fugitives held in Cuba

Three Miami brothers who fled to Cuba after being charged with massive Medicare fraud are being held by Cuban authorities, U.S. sources say. Read More

U.S. Coast Guard reports illegal Cuban migration down this year

With the fiscal year ending Tuesday, the U.S. Coast Guard reported this weekend that it has apprehended far fewer Cuban migrants at sea than in the previous year. Read More

United Nations Doubles Cuba Relief

The United Nations System has more than doubled its commitment to hurricane relief in Cuba from 3.687 to 8.6 million dollars, an official source confirmed on Saturday. Read More

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