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Cuba is willing to negotiate with US oil companies

The Greater Antilles is open to 'all kind of business' with US oil companies and other US companies, according to Cuban institutional sources. Read More

MLB wants to have a franchise in Cuba

Rob Manfred, MLB commissioner, said he works to organize matches in Cuba as part of the preparation for next season and have a franchise on the island. Read More

Katy Perry shares impressions of Cuba on her social networks

The famous American singer Katy Perry posted a series of pictures on her Instagram and Twitter accounts of her most recent trip to Cuba. It seems that Perry took a break from her Prismatic World Tour to stop into Havana and visit with the children's theater group, La Colmenita (The Beehive), as well as stop by Havana's National Arts School. Read More

Former US Congress members in Havana

A group of former US Congresspersons met in Havana this Wednesday with Cuban lawmaker José Luis Toledo Santander, president of the Commission of Constitutional and Juridical Affairs of the Cuban People´s Power Assembly, along other deputies. Read More

French bank fined by Washington for trading with Cuba

The French Bank Credit Agricole agreed on Tuesday to pay US authorities over one billion dollars to settle a dispute for its alleged violations of US sanctions against Cuba, Sudan and Iran. Read More

Cuban LGBT groups to Commission on Human Rights of the OAS

Cuban independent organizations LGBT (lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender) today have a thematic hearing before the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights on the situation of human rights of LGBT people in Cuba. Read More

US entrepreneurs explore business opportunities in Cuba

A group of business people from the US State of Ohio are in Cuba looking for opportunities to foster bilateral trade in the event that the US economic, commercial and financial blockade of Cuba is lifted. Read More

Ohio entrepreneurs seeking business in Cuba

A delegation of 14 companies from Ohio arrived in Cuba to establish business relationships with companies of the Cuban government. Read More

Hillary Clinton claims to be concerned about human rights in Cuba

The favorite in the fight for the Democratic nomination for the White House, Hillary Clinton, expressed support for the policy of openness of US President Barack Obama with Cuba, but expressed concern about respect for human rights on the island. Read More

Miami Mayor warns of new wave of Cuban who reach the country by sea

Miami Mayor Tomas Regalado, has informed about the alarming increase of Cuban people arriving in the US by sea after the restoration of diplomatic ties between the two nations. Read More

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