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Cuba and the US sign first environmental accord since thaw

Cuba and the United States signed on Tuesday in Washington a joint declaration to collaborate in environmental protection. Read More

The band Earth, Wind & Fire will perform in March at the Havana World Music

In the third edition of the Havana World Music festival, to be held in Havana from 24 to 27 March, the presence of the American band Earth, Wind & Fire is expected. Read More

Gary Dourdan, the famous actor of CSI Las Vegas wants to work in Cuba

Gary Dourdan, the famous American actor known in Cuba for his role as Detective Warrick Brown on CSI Las Vegas series, was visiting Cuba and expressed interest in working on the island. Read More

Pablo Milanés receives Latin Grammy Award to Musical Excellence

Cuban singer-songwriter Pablo Milanés received on Wednesday a Latin Grammy Award to musical excellence from the Latin Recording Academy, for his important contributions in the field of music. Read More

Cubans living in Miami protested outside the Consulate of Nicaragua

Cubans living in Miami yesterday gathered in front of the Consulate of Nicaragua in that city, to demand that the Central American country allows the entry of more than 2,000 Cubans seeking to reach the United States. Read More

Cuban-American doctor made in New York complex face transplant

A New York medical team has made the most complex face transplant ever done to date to a firefighter who needed tissues in the face, skull and neck. Read More

Cuba and the US launch joint marine preservation project

Cuba and the United States are presenting on Tuesday the results of a joint study research on the preservation of sharks, during the 10th Congress of Marine Sciences which focuses on the conservation of the sea surrounding the island and the fishing of marine species. Read More

US Congressman visits Cuba with business delegation

Michael Doyle, Democratic Congressman from the state of Pennsylvania traveled to Cuba with a delegation of American businessmen and officials to "explore possible academic, economic and sports associations', state media reported Saturday in the Caribbean country. Read More

Some 600 American runners participate today in the Havana Marathon

As had been previously announced, in the marathon are present, among US athletes or clubs who have traveled the country, Floyd Mayweather, considered one of the best professional boxers in history; NBA star Carmelo Anthony, and the New York Cosmos club. Read More

Busy agenda of US Secretary of Agriculture in Cuba

Secretary of Agriculture of the United States, Thomas Vilsack, will carry out a busy program of activities on the island during his working visit, which began on Wednesday and will last for another two days. Read More

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