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New Zealand movement of solidarity with Cuba filed a petition to demand that US President Free Cuban 5

The New Zealand movement of solidarity with Cuba filed a petition Friday to demand that US President George W. Bush immediately release five Cuban anti-terrorist fighters from jail. Read More

Cuba and nine other nations voted against a standard Open Format proposed by Microsoft

Microsoft won an international standards designation for its open document format, according to a copy of voting results obtained Tuesday, apparently ending a divisive year-long battle with some of its software rivals before a global standards-setting organization. Read More

In Mexico for Puerto Rico Independence Meeting: Ricardo Alarcón

The two-day event, organized by the Conference of Latin American and Caribbean Political Parties (COPPAL) begins on Saturday with the participation of delegations from numerous countries of the region. Read More

In Support of Cuban Anti-Terrorist Fighters Held in US Prisons: Peruvians March

The Peruvian Youth Committee in solidarity with five Cuban anti-terrorist fighters unjustly held in US prisons, announced that it is organizing a march in support of these five men that will take place on Friday, March 28th. Read More

Died Charles Hulett Burke his most noteworthy wood carving was a crozier for the Episcopal bishop of Cuba.

But his most noteworthy wood carving was a crozier for the Episcopal bishop of Cuba. Dr. Burke, using a single piece of cherry wood, carved the staff of the crook in the shape of a stalk of sugar cane to symbolize the people of Cuba. In the crook of the crozier, he included the coat of arms of the Diocese of Cuba. Read More

Is Google blocking Cuba?

The greatest and the most used internet explorer has closed some of its services without a clear explanation which are inaccessible from Cuba. When requesting the Google bar, a brief sign in English says "We are sorry, but this service is not available for your country". The same answer appears when requesting known services like Google Earth, Google Desktop Search, Google Code or Google Toolbar. Read More

US Treasury Department Office vs Cuba

The switchblade of one US Treasury Department office has honed the edge of its blade. While it can and does slash with the same rage that emanates from each pore of the Bush administration, they now reflect on the failure of the empire for not having pushed Cuba backwards. Read More

Bush In Heavens (Part I), Reflections by Comrade Fidel

In this reflection I will go by the news received from different sources, including international cable services, -without specifically recognizing any of them as the information source, but strictly abiding by the text of the news-- books, documents, the Internet, and even questions asked to well-documented sources. Read More

Another thought on the religion in Cuba

South Florida churches and synagogues are deepening contacts in Cuba, but quietly to avoid angering the Cuban government and some exiles. Read More

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