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Lorna Burdsall US-born Cuban dancer, choreographer and professor Wins 2008 Cuban National Dance Prize

Born in Preston, Connecticut, Burdsall has been linked for more than 50 years to the creation, development and promotion of dance in Cuba, Latin America and the Caribbean. Read More

After 47 Years of the US Bombardments: Cuba Still Resisting

On April 15th, 1961, B-26 airplanes disguised with the insignia of the Cuban Air Force bombarded two air bases and a civilian airport in Cuba, a prelude to the US backed mercenary invasion on April 17th. Read More

Swedish government was warned of new pressures by the United States hostility against Cuba.

The Swedish government was warned of new pressures by the United States on European Union (EU) countries to join the growing hostility against Cuba. Read More

United States has Begun a New Visa Programme to Reunite Cuban Families

The United States has begun a new programme to reunite Cuban families, which has renewed the hopes of potential migrants from the island who have family members in the United States. The U.S. government hopes to fulfil the goal of issuing 20,000 immigration visas a year, as agreed in a longstanding bilateral treaty. Read More

Abe Osheroff, Veteran of Abraham Lincoln Brigade, Dies at 92, he to teach engineering in Cuba

Ran a candy store for many years and was the last secretary-treasurer of the Veterans of the Abraham Lincoln Brigade. Mr. Veltfort went on to teach engineering in Cuba and organize a drive to donate ambulances to the leftist government of Nicaragua in the 1980s. Read More

Cuba reiterated its proposal to create a fund managed by the United Nation of Military Spending

Cuba reiterated on Monday its proposal to create a fund managed by the United Nations, which would receive half of the world's current military spending, to finance economic and social projects in underdeveloped countries. Read More

A Special Assistant of the Bush Administration of Cuban Origin, Resigns after Corruption Scandal

According to Granma news daily, the Special Assistant for Intergovernmental Relations in Affairs related to Cuba, Puerto Rico, native Americans and others, resigned last March 20th although the White House waited until March 29th to make the announcement. Read More

Cubans paid homage to Reverend Martin Luther King Jr. on the 40th anniversary of his assassination

In the ceremony, Cuban Reverend Raul Suarez, director of the Martin Luther King Jr. Center, described the Nobel Peace laureate as a "prophet in the biblical sense", because "he always got to the bottom of the problem and passionately denounced its evils." Read More

American Civil Liberties Union and National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers Help Defend Detainees at Guantánamo

The American Civil Liberties Union and one of the countrys leading lawyers groups, the National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers, said Thursday that they had assembled experienced teams of lawyers to defend some of the most notorious detainees at Guantánamo, including Khalid Shaikh Mohammed, who has said he was the chief planner of the Sept. 11 attacks. Read More

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