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Guantanamo: A breeding ground for insanity

Conditions are more isolating than many death rows and maximum-security prisons in the United States, said Jules Lobel, a law professor at the University of Pittsburgh who is an expert on U.S. prison conditions. Read More

Nancy Pelosi said the US economic blockade of Cuba "has failed and should be lifted"

The speaker of the US House of Representatives Nancy Pelosi said the US economic blockade of Cuba "has failed and should be lifted". Read More

Fidel Castro wrote of the Pope in USA: ''Peace And Prosperity''

Pope Benedict XVI outsmarted Brown, the British Prime Minister, who replaced Blair, whom I met and spoke with for a few minutes during a recess at the WTO Second Conference in Geneva 10 years ago; it was following his speech and I was expressing my disagreement on the matter of an incorrect sentence he used about the social situation of British children. Read More

Grey's Anatomy beginning this week: Cuba it will exhibit U.S. television series

Cuba will air the award winning U.S. television drama the Sopranos and ongoing series Grey's Anatomy beginning this week, the Communist youth newspaper, Juventud Rebelde, said on Sunday. Read More

Low Budget Film Festival Predicts Collapse of Hollywood

"Within 10 years Hollywood will have a commercial failure" said the French -Canadian film critic Herve Fischer during the first theoretical meeting that took place last Wednesday, as part of the activities for 6th edition of the International Film Festival of Gibara. Read More

A wonderful tribute to the Cuban painter Wilfredo Lam

With his engrossing Flor luna (Moonflower), artist Wifredo Lam delivers the portrait of a woman with generous breasts, thorns in her hair (or is it a mane?), a Bogeyman face and a horse-like mouth rendered the more grotesque by what appears to be an engorged fang. Read More

The Media Blockade as a Form of Cultural War to Cuba.

Whenever reference is made to a "media blockade", and its systematic aggressive nature, both at the individual and collective level, is not denounced, we run the risk of playing along with an ideological trap that gets us used to the habit of accepting it as a regular guest...after all "the body gets used to everything". Read More

Cuba denounced the subversive plans against the stability of the country.

A report published in Gramma, number one daily circulating in the island, denounced that anti-revolutionary people met at the Biltmore Hotel in Miami on April 8, 2008 to discuss the execution of new actions against Cuba. Read More

Debate Bush and the Pope on Cuba embargo

It was more than a decade ago that Pope John Paul II capped his historic visit to Cuba with a harsh condemnation of the U.S. embargo against the island. Read More

Students at the San Francisco State University in California Learn About Case of Cuban Five

Students at the San Francisco State University in California, United States, learned on Tuesday details about the case of Antonio Guerrero, Rene Gonzalez, Ramon Labanino, Fernando Gonzalez and Gerardo Hernandez internationally known as the Cuban Five. Read More

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