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Indian minister to co-chair Indo-Cuba JCM in Havana

India's Minister of State for External Affairs Anand Sharma will co-chair the Indo-Cuban Joint Commission Meeting in Havana on February 12-13. The Joint Commission will review and expand cooperation in areas such as Information Technology, Biotechnology, Energy, Sports and Science and Technology. Read More

Argentina donates Cuba 250,000 books

Argentine government donated Cuba 250,000 books, within a collection of five anthologies, as a token of the close ties of friendship between both countries. Aique Group Editor director Teresita Valdettaro, which is in charge of donating the copies, told media representatives accredited to be at 16th International Book Fair that anthologies have 50,000 volumes each. Read More

Half million of Latin Americans recover vision in Cuba

Over half a million of Latin Americans recovered their vision thanks to an ophthalmologic program Operacion Milagros developed between Cuba and Venezuela since 2004. Among those receiving the benefits there are 306 thousand Venezuelans and 100 thousand Cubans, expressed the Island Deputy Foreign Minister Yiliam Jimenez to the full session of the 9 International Meeting on Globalization and Development Problems. Read More

Russian tourists flocked to Cuba in 2006

Cuba confirmed in 2006 its leading position as Russia's chief tourist destination in Latin America and the Caribbean. Carlos Oscar Hernathendez, representative of Cuban Ministry of Tourism in Russia, said last year the island registered a growth of 34.5% (27,842 visitors) while some 30,000 tourists are expected to visit Cuba in 2007, reports PL news agency. Read More

Caravan to Cuba calls for volunteers

Each year the Pastors for Peace Caravan to Cuba directly challenges the United States government by openly traveling to island nation. A delegation from Santa Cruz makes the trip each year. This is the call for "Caravanistas" for the summer 2007 caravan. Read More

Students' Cuba trip up against the clock

FIFTY of his students are planning to go to Cuba next month, but Silver Heights Collegiate band instructor Blaine Workman is starting to worry that some may not have their passports in time. "All the reports I'm hearing are of delays," said Workman. With 21,000 applications a day -- 60 per cent more passport applications than the system is designed to handle -- Passport Canada has warned it can take 60 days to process applications. Read More

Cuba expert brings slide show in Vancouver

Travel writer Christopher Baker, author of the Moon Cuba Handbook, will present an evening of Cuban culture at which he will deliver an extensive talk and slide show on his recent journeys and experiences in Cuba. The show will be held at 7:30 p.m. on March 1 at St. Mark's Anglican Church, Larch and Second Avenue. Read More

Cuban youth wins painting International Award

A drawing by Lianne Perez is exhibited in an art gallery in Japan, along with other award-wining paintings "four of them also Cuban" in an event sponsored by UNICEF Read More

Spring party in China Town

The China Town in Havana adds itself this month to the Spring Party or Lunar New Year, the most important traditional celebration in continental China as well as in the communities all over the world. As part of the celebration at homes, commercial establishments and societies there will be activities that begin fifteen days before the party and will last for fifteen days more, after the coming of the year. Read More

Computer Science Conference to kick off monday in Havana

The 650 delegates from 58 countries and the more than a thousand Cuban delegates, registered in the International Computer Science Convention and Exhibition to kick off in Havana on Monday, February 12. Read More

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