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Silvio helped chileans breathe

Cuban singer-songwriter Silvio Rodriguez readies his third tour of Chile accompanied by gratitude for songs secretly brought into that nation that "helped us breathe" during the dictatorship," a Chilean intellectual declared. Silvio held an informal meeting at the Cuban Embassy yesterday with Chilean friends, intellectuals and politicians, including Minister of Culture Paulina Urrutia. Read More

IV annual Journey of Cuban Culture in San Miguel de Allende will be devoted to Compay Segundo

The IV annual Journey of Cuban Culture in San Miguel de Allende, at the central state of Guanajauto, will be devoted this year to the centennial of the Cuban musician Compay Segundo. Read More

Cuba calls regional FTA meeting

The Continental Social Alliance and its Cuban Chapter convened on Tuesday the 6th Hemispheric Meeting of struggle against Free Trade Accords (FTA) and for people s integration in this capital. The call to this event, slated for May 3-5, was aimed to representatives of social, political, indigenous, union, rural, student, religious and human rights organizations. Read More

5th Culture and Development Congress : In Defense of Cultural Diversity.

On this planet set back by globalization the voices of those excluded start to be heard. To passive cultural consumism, opposes participatory will on the recognition of different diversities. It seems as if corporate transnationals imposes, without other alternatives, the unidirectional message through the domain of information and the very powerful cultural industries with the establishment of life models and the conquest of the fertile creation born on the popular imaginary. Read More

Lams "Intimate Cartography" arrived in Switzerland

Sample "Intimate Cartography" that gathers works by the most universal of all Cuban painters, Wifredo Lam (1902- 1982), is exhibited this February at the Cervantes Institute in Stockholm, Switzerland. The exhibit is made up by some 68 pieces, ranging from oil paintings, temperas, inks, charcoal drawings, collages and etchings to interesting lithographs, most of them of small and medium format made on paper and cardboard and that remained unpublished till 1993. Read More

March, and the french Cinema Festival

March is already breaking through in the calendar to the rhythm of the French cinema which returns again, as one of the most important summons in the seventh art in Cuba, year after year and which, in this year 2007, will exhibit in 36 theaters of the entire country, included the capital as well as the other thirteen provinces and the special municipality the Isle of Youth, for the satisfaction of thousands of movie fans. Read More

Gore climate change Oscar entry has Cuba's vote

Acting Cuban President Raul Castro "recognized the effort of the former vice president to denounce" global warming. Official praise of former U.S. presidents and vice presidents is rare in Cuba. Read More

Cuba Hosts Colombia Govt-ELN Talk

The Colombian government and guerrilla ELN (National Liberation Army) are meeting in the Cuban capital Sunday to agree on a working agenda for a possible peace talk. Colombia's High Peace Commissioner Luis Carlos Restrepo, and ambassador in Cuba Julio Londono are heading the governmental delegation, while rebel leaders Pablo Beltran, Juan Carlos Cuellar, and Francisco Galan are doing so for the ELN. Read More

Cuba, Guatemala to Increase Cooperation

Cuba and Guatemala expressed their willingness to increase cooperation in several fields. "We have identified areas of cooperation in risk management and community development from Cuba's experience in the last few years," said Cuban Deputy Minister for Foreign Investment and Economic Collaboration, Orlando Requeijo, at the fifth Joint Intergovernmental Committee. Read More

Oil could be Cuba's future

One day soon - possibly before the end of this year - an oil rig will maneuver into position in waters less than 100 miles from the coast of Florida. A drill will plunge into the inky sea and begin chewing its way into the ocean floor, hunting for oil. But the drilling rig won't belong to an American company, and any petroleum it discovers won't do a thing to curb the USA's addiction to foreign oil. Instead, any new sub-sea gusher will belong to Cuba. Read More

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